Just Doodle!

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A different sort of video today, this one’s mine – I’ll try this again sometime but for now I think it’s fun! ! I can’t figure out what sort of music to put with it. Something calming? (which is how these random doodles make me feel) or something quick? (which goes with the sped up version of the doodle), or something else? I don’t have much of an ear for music!

I started a new sketchbook yesterday and on the spur of the moment decided it would become my Doodle a Day book. So this is my second day. I’ve already had to change my ‘Daily Photo’ blog to ‘(mostly) Daily Photo’, so I’ll have to see how I get on, I can already foresee mad 2am-lost-sleep-doodles!

My camera’s card filled up before I was finished (and without me realising), so it doesn’t get all the way to the end. This is how it ended up

This was yesterday’s doodle


Train doodling


Some doodling from last week

Mindless doodles to fill the journey

Some time it will occur to me to doodle something useful!

Packed in like sardines, or just a red herring? (at least this was OF something!)


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Today project boss man inferred I should practice drawing with a pen and making more expressive strokes. Should I meekly agree that I’m not very practiced at it, or show him my weekend’s train journey endeavors?

I HAVE doodled with a pen recently! Though I suspect showing this page of my sketch book would raise more eyebrows than it's worth! I'll just continue to nod and agree my drawings skills aren't up to scratch yet.

Week in Pictures, 7th – 13th October


A fair number of geo-caches, miles back and forth the UK and a run in with the police. I suppose a good week on the whole!

Friday, 7th October

After seeing this amazing looking fruit, I became a bit despondent that the most exciting part of my day was just a piece of fruit. So I took myself off onto the Pembrokeshire cliffs to search for a geo-cache! It was a quick find and the view did cheer me somewhat.

View from the geo-cache

All in all things must be good if fruit and cliffs make me happy!

Saturday, 8th October

Travelling back to London from St Davids, this afternoon.

Heading towards Port Talbot. The light on the hills caught my eye.

Evening light in reflection, in reflection

Crossing the Severn Bridge

Sunday, 9th October

Went for a geo-caching walk along the Thames, between Hammersmith and Putney Bridges, south side there, north side back.

Lots of activity on the Thames, by Putney Bridge

Monday, 10th October

Day trippin’, Cheltenham bound.

A day spent gallivanting about my old uni, enjoying being there without the stress of deadlines. Catching up with uni friends, uni tutors, taking in the newly released geo-caches.

Paddington Station

Tuesday, 11th October

Visited my Granny and took her for a wheelchair walk to the Thames, with a bag of stale bread.

Got Crumbs?

Wednesday, 12th October

L is for Leaves

I tried to entertain myself on a walk to Tesco by photographing things in the order of the alphabet. I was doing quite well til I got a bit stuck on N. Eventually I decided to cheat and go for Names on signs, so took a quick snap of the high street in Hammersmith with loads of shop signs. Immediately I was apprehended by a couple of policemen who certainly didn’t buy my story that I was innocently taking a photo of the names of shops in the street! They were convinced I was wanting to take a photo of them, which is apparently Highly Illegal. Who knew. I wished I’d had the confidence to tell them they were quite ugly and had spoilt my photo anyway. Or maybe it’s lucky I didn’t have that confidence after all! Managed to hold the tears in just long enough to not look totally suspicious, but was too scared afterwards finish the alphabet of photos. Ironic that I was taking photos supposedly as a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do…

Thursday, 13th October

Did my best to avoid policemen today, and used mostly just my sketchbook. A friend and I went landscape architecture sightseeing today in SE London, through Greenwich and then More London and Potter’s Fields.

Linear planting beds in More London