Week in Pictures, 5th – 11th December

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Some quick pics from this week (or conspicuous lack for several days. Things improved a bit by the weekend):

Monday, 5th December

I was in Ipswich for site visits on Monday.

It was freezing, had to pop into a Costa Coffee to warm up, was massaging my ice block feet as one might in a ski chalet.

Friday, 9th December

A geo-cache that asks if this is a camel or an elephant? My vote's for a camel, though I was disappointed not to find the cache. It was still nice to get outside for lunch.

Saturday, 10th December

I went rowing again this weekend. My third lesson, and first time out on in a scull by myself with no one else to help balance. Rather tippy but luckily I didn't go for a swim! This quad was out earlier than me, though they were probably too focused to notice the pretty light!

They were disappointed to find my camera wasn't edible! At first when I saw Poppy's tail across the other's face in the photo, I thought shucks, but actually I think it represents their personalities well - Poppy always seemed to have the upper hand/paw!

Sunday, 11th December

On the hunt for Muntjacs. I'd never heard of the creatures til yesterday. Though still as mystical as before as there were none to be seen on Sutton Heath.


More cute doggies: My landlady has been looking after Poppy for the weekend. Dogs are a good thing. Though Tilly is pleased to have the house and her beds back to herself again!

Double Decker Dogs


Week in Pictures, 28th November – 4th December

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First of all, Happy December, how it is that far along already? Though to be fair, the first time I heard unsolicited Christmas music was just on 30th November, by a busking violinist, so it was not too obscenely early and maybe that is why it has crept up on me so quickly. Carols in October would mean I was fed up with the music by December, but that hasn’t happened this year.

Monday, 28th November

I happened to be out early in the morning getting some milk, and spied pretty light on the river, so went for a little walk too. I couldn't decided on my favourite photo, so here are a few.

Tuesday, 29th November

The more realistic day to day excitement of landscape architecture: cycle stands, safety barriers, bollards and wooden fencing. A survey of an Ipswich bus station.

Wednesday, 30th November

A naturally festive footpath near a geo-cache site, found during a lunch break.

Thursday, 1st December

A less fruitful geo-caching walk this lunch time, down by the river.

Glistening Cobbles. On the walk home from a pub outing with people from work celebrating the owner's retirement.

Friday, 2nd December

Described by another dogwalker as an 'anaemic' sunrise. But the patterns in the mud were pretty nonetheless. And with patience the colour improved a bit to.

Saturday, 3rd December

At a Christmas market in a nearby village, Tilly (the mini-lab) meets the big boys, and a mini-Santa Claus too.

Sunday, 4th December

Rescue greyhounds at the Christmas Fair in Woodbridge today.

Week in Pictures, 21st-27th November

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A selection of photos from the week, as I didn’t take a photo-a-day. Presumably I went to work, came home, prepared lunch for the following day, set alarm and went to sleep. Though my memory is as equally blank as the camera card. I like to think my other days, which also included two boxersize classes (sooo much more my style than yogarrgh!) made up for them.

Monday, 21st November

My landlady apologised for the gaudy coloured buildings in the town. I rather like them though!

What would a week without geo-caching be?! I planned to find one each day during my lunch hour, but didn't get beyond Monday. Though that just means more for me to find in following weeks!

Wednesday, 23rd November

Sunrise through my bedroom window

Spoilt Tilly

Thursday, 24th November

Morning cycle rise with the dog along the Deben. Had hoped sunrise would be as good as yesterday's. Will have to try again another morning.

Saturday, 26th November

Getting ready for a sculling taster session

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Santa arrives in Aldeburgh

I'll go against the grain and say I like pylons!

Sunday,, 27th November

I met up with a friend who used to live in the area, so he showed me round his old stomping ground. This is near Waldringfield.

Took the dog out for a night walk. Will try this again at full moon + a bit higher tide.

Week in Pictures, 14th – 20th October

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Friday, 14th October

Popped out to get a few things from the shops, tried to continue last Wednesday’s alphabet photo walk with a safer ‘N’ photo!

N for Nasturtium

Saturday, 15th October

Visited more friends in Cheltenham again. A couple of us took a walk up Leckhampton Hill, which gives a beautiful view down onto the town. It’s funny how the hill was always there, yet this was only the third time I actually walked up it (and one of the times was for fieldwork, so that barely counts!)


Having been put off by the grime that I imagine London fruit to be covered in, I took the opportunity to collect some country clean sloes, for gin, and blackberries for whiskey.

Sunday, 16th October

Geocaching on Wimbledon Common! The clue referred to the ‘O’ tree, and my aunt immediately knew where to lead me, without bothering with maps or co-ordinates. (Though it took some more scrambling though holly bushes to find the cache itself!).

The 'O' tree. It would be hard to miss this strange oak. I can't figure out how it grew as it did.

Monday, 17th October

Day of freakery. In the evening (so in fact I can’t use this as an excuse for the lack of a photo) I received the offer of a short term contract from the landscape architecture company I applied to a couple of weeks ago! Basically I’m covering for the person who got the advertised job, but who can’t start immediately. But nonetheless it’s my first EVER proper non-student job offer!!! Very exciting though my level of freakouted-ness is even higher! Luckily I start on Wednesday, so there is a limit to the time I can spend working myself into a knotted mess! (hoping the number of !’s in this paragraph is a good sign!)

Tuesday, 18th October

Trying to distract myself with mundane worries over what on earth to wear in an office! So a trip to the new Westfield. Given my distaste for mooching round shops, this wasn’t a very stress relieving outing. I was more taken by the Christmas ornaments and long green wall!

Unflattering but shiny!

Westfield's Green Wall

Wednesday, 19th October

Just about survived my first working day (well no tears in the office at least). I also only managed a part day as I was already invited to a service at St Paul’s Cathedral in honour and memory of CMG’ers, where my grandfather’s name was read out. I’d forgotten, til I was on the train, that OccupyLSX was happening right there too! Became literally entangled in it – very sorry to the person whose tent I tripped over!

Inadvertently sightseeing at the OccupyLSX, I was also a bonafide visitor to the St Paul's evensong. Heartfelt messages inside and outside the Cathedral!

Thursday, 20th October

Zonked. Tea and bed. Good night!


Week in Pictures, 7th – 13th October


A fair number of geo-caches, miles back and forth the UK and a run in with the police. I suppose a good week on the whole!

Friday, 7th October

After seeing this amazing looking fruit, I became a bit despondent that the most exciting part of my day was just a piece of fruit. So I took myself off onto the Pembrokeshire cliffs to search for a geo-cache! It was a quick find and the view did cheer me somewhat.

View from the geo-cache

All in all things must be good if fruit and cliffs make me happy!

Saturday, 8th October

Travelling back to London from St Davids, this afternoon.

Heading towards Port Talbot. The light on the hills caught my eye.

Evening light in reflection, in reflection

Crossing the Severn Bridge

Sunday, 9th October

Went for a geo-caching walk along the Thames, between Hammersmith and Putney Bridges, south side there, north side back.

Lots of activity on the Thames, by Putney Bridge

Monday, 10th October

Day trippin’, Cheltenham bound.

A day spent gallivanting about my old uni, enjoying being there without the stress of deadlines. Catching up with uni friends, uni tutors, taking in the newly released geo-caches.

Paddington Station

Tuesday, 11th October

Visited my Granny and took her for a wheelchair walk to the Thames, with a bag of stale bread.

Got Crumbs?

Wednesday, 12th October

L is for Leaves

I tried to entertain myself on a walk to Tesco by photographing things in the order of the alphabet. I was doing quite well til I got a bit stuck on N. Eventually I decided to cheat and go for Names on signs, so took a quick snap of the high street in Hammersmith with loads of shop signs. Immediately I was apprehended by a couple of policemen who certainly didn’t buy my story that I was innocently taking a photo of the names of shops in the street! They were convinced I was wanting to take a photo of them, which is apparently Highly Illegal. Who knew. I wished I’d had the confidence to tell them they were quite ugly and had spoilt my photo anyway. Or maybe it’s lucky I didn’t have that confidence after all! Managed to hold the tears in just long enough to not look totally suspicious, but was too scared afterwards finish the alphabet of photos. Ironic that I was taking photos supposedly as a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do…

Thursday, 13th October

Did my best to avoid policemen today, and used mostly just my sketchbook. A friend and I went landscape architecture sightseeing today in SE London, through Greenwich and then More London and Potter’s Fields.

Linear planting beds in More London

Week in Pictures, 30th September – 6th October


Friday, 30th September

Dropped my first landscape architecture job application and portfolio off! Afterwards I visited this year’s Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens, with a friend. My previous blog post was about these escapades.

My other photo of the day came from a random red bridge with ginormous wheels, near the Rotherhithe Overground rail station in south east London, on the Thames.

Bascule Bridge, used to open up to allow ships through to Surrey Quays

Predictably, this was taking in a geo-cache that was supposedly hidden ‘1m inland from wood’. I’d hoped that this cryptic clue would become clear when I reached the spot, but alas, it didn’t and I came away empty handed!

Saturday, 1st October

Visited my grandmother in the morning, and took her out into Kingston. We came across these telephone boxes strewn in Old London Road…presumably an art installation of sorts.

Wobbly Telephone Boxes

Sunday, 2nd October

Kew Gardens! Possibly my favourite place, in England at least.


Monday, 3rd October

Pretty afternoon light coming through the trees just near where I'm staying (same place as a previous picture last week)

Tuesday, 4th October

Main excitement of the day was receiving a call from the landscape architect company I had just applied to, inviting me to an interview, tomorrow! Cue *fear**excitement**holy moly**yikes**aaaaahhhhh* reactions. And now *tears* when trying to think of something else beyond The Wrong Answers.

In the evening I went to a lecture at the Royal Geographical Society by David Breashears, a mountain climbing photographer and filmmaker. He’s been taking tons of photos of glaciers in the Himalayas (including sending up a helicopter with 7 Canon 5D DSLRs mounted on gimbles to stitch into gigapixel panoramas) to turn into an interactive exploration program. Think Google Street view following the routes of glaciers up and down Everest, K2 and mountains in between!

His web site isn’t live yet, so he was basically giving a preview of the sorts of things people (aimed at school children as well as research scientists) will be able to do with the photos. As well as ‘flying’ the helicoptor, there are slidey photos to compare glacier melt since the original 1920’s photos and the current day, and pop ups to show the routes of historic Everest expeditions, among other random bits of information.

Then we went out for supper and wandered round South Kensington.

Another sort of artwork outside the V&A

Wednesday, 5th October

Interview day! I guess the good thing about having less than 18 hours notice is I didn’t have too long to work myself up into too much of a panic! Though still a scramble to get my portfolio pages printed and find a decent binder to put it in.

I think I’ll need a bit more practice before I’m believably confidence. But at least I don’t think I said anything too cringe worthy, had too many *goldfish* occasions, and I didn’t ended up in tears! So wins on all those counts, though I’m not holding out for much more than that.

View from the office window. (After being questioned about whether I had any health difficulties that may affect my job performance, I decided against telling them where I would be posting this photo on the internet!)


Thursday, 6th October

After travelling to Cardiff last night to watch Don Giovanni at the Welsh National Opera (I’m not a opera buff by any means, but it seemed excellent. And I learnt a few Welsh words from translating between the English and Welsh subtitles!), I continued on with my aunt to St Davids today.

I love the first view of the sea as you come over the brow of the hill into Newgale

Week in Pictures 16th – 22nd September


Friday 16th September

Went to the nearest beach to see the waves after the previous day’s hurricane. They were back to normal, but still pretty.

After the storm: Early morning light

Saturday 17th September

Was poking about Google maps. The earth is pretty incredible! I’m trying to make some biggish resolution photos to print for my wall (lots of screen shots then merged together in PS. Can’t find a quicker way. Prob quite illegal too.)

Google Desert, somewhere in Africa, forgot to make a note of location, shucks.

Sunday 18th September

Crab holding on in a wave

Monday 19th September

Busy choosing, cropping, printing photos for a calendar for myself next year. Several I’ve shown in my blog recently.

I made a mix of photos of home, sailing holiday, pretty flowers, pets and a couple of artistic ones too.

Tuesday 20th September

(typical) Crazy weather day today. Visited my grandfather in his nursing home and took my grandparents out for juice and cookies near a fort. Took in a geo-cache too (hidden in the wall of the fort’s moat). My grandparents even seemed to understand the concept of being super excited to find a hidden box, then hide it again, ready for more crazy geeks. Bucketing rain on the drive out, boiling hot sitting outside the fort less than an hour later.

Summer shower

Geo-caching at Fort Scaur, with good views east and west

Wednesday 21st September

Spent some time in the evening trying to video my dad’s parrot eating a pretzel. Apparently the previous evening he’d be twirling it like a majorette. I tried making it into a looping GIF, but couldn’t work out how to do it. Here’s a still frame:

Pretzel twirling parrot

Thursday 22nd September

I met up with a friend for lunch in town. I was wanting to pretend to be a tourist, but he wasn’t so interested in taking photos of random street scenes. This is Front Street. Sometimes a policeman directs traffic from inside the Bird Cage.

Front Street and the Bird Cage


More lizards

They make me smile 🙂

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