Week in Pictures, 21st-27th November

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A selection of photos from the week, as I didn’t take a photo-a-day. Presumably I went to work, came home, prepared lunch for the following day, set alarm and went to sleep. Though my memory is as equally blank as the camera card. I like to think my other days, which also included two boxersize classes (sooo much more my style than yogarrgh!) made up for them.

Monday, 21st November

My landlady apologised for the gaudy coloured buildings in the town. I rather like them though!

What would a week without geo-caching be?! I planned to find one each day during my lunch hour, but didn't get beyond Monday. Though that just means more for me to find in following weeks!

Wednesday, 23rd November

Sunrise through my bedroom window

Spoilt Tilly

Thursday, 24th November

Morning cycle rise with the dog along the Deben. Had hoped sunrise would be as good as yesterday's. Will have to try again another morning.

Saturday, 26th November

Getting ready for a sculling taster session

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Santa arrives in Aldeburgh

I'll go against the grain and say I like pylons!

Sunday,, 27th November

I met up with a friend who used to live in the area, so he showed me round his old stomping ground. This is near Waldringfield.

Took the dog out for a night walk. Will try this again at full moon + a bit higher tide.


Week in Pictures, 9th – 15th September

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Friday, 9th September

Met up with friends for Happy Hour. It’s held at a hotel on the harbour front. A pretty evening with a nearly full moon.

9th September, Moonlit water

You know that time in the evening when you suddenly think that, by swinging your camera, you are taking the next major pop art photograph to take the world by storm? Yep. This was one of those times:

Untitled 56

Saturday, 10th September

I attended another school friend’s wedding this weekend. It was picturesque: held by the terrace of a golf club house, overlooking the ocean with palm trees in the distance. The wedding had an eye-catching colour theme of turquoise and deep magenta, from the purple orchids with turquoise dye in their veins, to the bride’s turquoise peeptoe shoes and purple garter (caught by another of my friends!).

10th September, Turquoise Wedding

Sunday, 11th September

Having to go all the way back to to the golf course where the wedding was held last night, to pick up my bike (will I ever learn to just buck up and go by taxi both ways!?), I decided to take a meandering route home and play tourist for the afternoon. Sometimes I think I forget how beautiful a place I am lucky enough to call home.

11th September, Summer Clouds. Remind me why I'm wanting to return to deepest darkest UK in a few days???

Monday, 12th – Wednesday 14th September

I think, though too tired to remember properly, that I spent the days stewing over trying to work some more on portfolios to use with job applications and to send out to companies speculatively. Definitely not very photogenic!

Thursday, 15th September

A storm a week seems to be the pattern of the last few weeks. First Tropical Storm Jose, then Katia, and now Hurricane Maria. I enjoy storms when you know they won’t be too bad and dangerous, and still safe enough to go sightseeing!

Hurricane Maria

And me looking suitably anonymous, being blown by the wind


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This past Saturday I was invited to a second wedding in as many weekends. It’s felt like the wedding season here! It’s been great fun, as the first wedding was between two of my close friends, and this past weekend was with one of my good friends (the husband), to a girl I used to play tennis with.

It’s been a special time too because several of my friends who have moved to various countries have made the effort to come back to where we went to school, to my home, so it has been like a mini reunion too! It’s been fun remembering funny memories of school, our antics and grizzly teachers. With hindsight we can look back at the things which had seemed like such major upsets at the the time, and laugh about them now. Individually we’ve also all said how much we appreciated our times together growing up, even if at the time we had some sour moments.

Being in the safety of my best friends has taught me a few lessons too:

  • It’s ok to wear the same dress twice. As much as we might like to think they’re memorable, no one is really keeping tabs on what each other has worn. (I later noticed on Facebook one of my friends had worn a particular dress several years ago. It made me smile and gives me confidence to re-use outfits too. I like to think she’ll have the same thought when she sees my same black and white print dress reappear in my photos!)
  • It’s ok not to have made the bestest friends from university (I’d been beating myself up over maybe not trying hard enough). Our family and friends from school, who we grew up with, will still most likely be our best men/maids of honour.
  • It’s ok to make a bit of a mess round my placemat with food. Then when the next person spills their wine, we can joke ‘it’s contagious!’
  • It’s ok to not stay out til the party packs up. Someone else will be relieved to share a taxi home earlier.
  • It’s ok not to be a music buff (aside from that, needing to ask questions it makes the buffs feel even more impressed by themselves!)
  • It’s ok to admit university was stressful. No one found it 100% easy or a pure party.

Two Weddings and a … whine

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Last Saturday, two of my close from from my school days married, to each other. They’re the first of my group of friends to marry, and they started the no-doubt-to-be-long-trail-of-successive-weddings with a bang! You couldn’t have wiped the huge grin on my face as I watched their ceremony as they read their vows they’d written themselves, I’m so happy for them. They’re so well suited for each other, and I’ve never seen the husband, who I went to school with since we were five years old and I know most well, as happy as when he is with his new wife. And I can’t imagine what a brain box, or how handsome/gorgeous their children will be!

This coming Saturday the next of my school friends gets hitched, this time to a girl I used to play tennis with. I’m liking these double weddings, so much fun to see two people I know so utterly in love with each other and happy.

I’ve probably used the word ‘happy’ a few too many times in the post, but it’s how this past week has been overall. I’ve managed to keep up feeling happy too, at least during the main events. So can I just have a little whine now, to say how happy I am for the couples marrying, and pleased that it’s them not me: I seem to be stuck having the emotional reactions of a five year old girl, to things both good and bad. If I think about this too much, especially realising that it’s not simply that I never moved beyond the 5 yo stage, but rather that I’ve regressed in the past few years, then I’ll be sad and upset myself more and that 5 yo will come out again. So I’m doing my best just to enjoy the moment now, and work on everything else as they come up in the future, so that maybe one day I will have the same stable, mature elegance that everyone else manages with such ease…and hopefully before I’m 83. (Ha! I can wish at least…)