My profile says ‘jogging away from mental-ness’, so surely I should have something to say on the recent reports of the link, or lack of one, between exercise and depression.

So it does help? Well certainly my local running club’s Tuesday evening sessions are the highlight of my week. It’s nice to meet up with people and do something with odd snatches of conversation, and we often go to the pub afterwards. But when I said that  in passing to someone last night (‘This, right now, is the highlight of my week) , she gave me the most sorrowful puppy eyes imaginable. Yes I suppose it is sad that the thing I enjoy most is something they obviously rate so lowly on the sociability ladder!

I wish I could grab and shake her to make her realise I really am trying to be positive, that isn’t it a good thing I look forward to runs with people, even including her!  Or would that be considered even sadder?

I haven’t been able to think about much else today (BBC’s headline didn’t help either) except for how I can be so sad/lame/silly to say running is a really positive thing for me. Joining the run seems to have backfired now and I’m laying on my sofa in tears now. Should I go for a run now? No thanks. Not in the mood.

Which I guess is (one of) the crux of the irony: it’s easier to do exercise when feeling good. But when already down it’s hard to get going. (Not that that is foolproof either: I’ve also been guilty of pushing myself to run, on top of not eating or sleeping properly, to the point  where it’s not healthy in any respect.)

This isn’t meant to be a depressing post. On the whole things are fairly good. I mean I do things, like jogging on Tuesday evenings…