Ideas I’d like to write down as blog posts keep flitting through my mind but I can’t seem to get them down as anything intelligible. (Sorry that didn’t even make sense!) So here instead is a random selection of things I’ve seen, made or noticed from the past couple of weeks.

Monday 19th Frost Again

Tuesday 20th March. From frost to warm blue sunshine, could almost imagine this as the Ipswich Riviera

Wednesday 21st. The flowering quince by the office is bursting with gleaming white flowers

Friday 23rd March. Mud Reflections and two Shelducks.

Friday 23rd. I made houmous!

Saturday 24th March. Aren't these tiny flowers on the mossy wall adorable?

Saturday 24th March. Venus and Jupiter were particularly bright, especially considering this is still twilight. The moon like a sliver of fingernail. Though it did occur to me that the street light is still far far brighter, why isn't that considered so worthy of note?

Sunday, 25th March. I played tourist today with my aunt, we visited the National Trust's Sutton Hoo ship burial ground. This is a replica of the Dark Ages mask found in the burial, the archaeologists had to piece it together from more than 4,000 broken fragments!

Monday, 26th March. Glittering light on the water.

Thursday 29th March. Pastel evening light. A family were sat on this bench with a picnic on my way back. I didn't want to intrude with another photo, but they made the scene quite idyllic!

Friday 30th March. A character-ful building. I only had my little snap camera but I can imagine there are lots of photographic possibilities here.

Saturday 31st March. While out with the running club earlier in the week, discovered this little boardwalk through the reeds. I came back with my camera but found it's not very photogenic with the reeds so tall and obscuring any river views!

Finally some more houmous to end the month. I think I could be quite comfortably self-sufficient if houmous was a fully nourishing meal!