Even though this felt like a shaky week, looking back at my photos, I remember there were a few things to make me smile. One of the reasons I like carrying my camera with me.

Monday 27th - Not sure if you're meant to choose a doctors' office by the planting outside, but seemed a good enough reason as any (at the time at least, may want to punch myself later)!

Tuesday 28th - Found a dozy butterfly also enjoying its lunch

Thursday 1st March - 'Ray of Sunshine' cheering me up, and a little daffodil celebrating Dydd Gwyl Dewi

1st March - Mud squiggles. I like to imagine this as a huge canyon with alien (space) ships looming nearby.

Saturday, 3rd March - Came across this in the evening, wondered if Mother Nature can be considered a guerrilla gardener?

Sunday, 4th March: End to a topsy turvy grey week: topsy turvy houses in the rain. At least it gave me half a smile thinking about it!