For my sins I’ve decided to set myself a target of taking a photo every day, and putting them up on the internet, every day! I’ve done it in fits and starts before, and, being inspired by this guy who has kept up his daily photography for years, I’m starting again with renewed enthusiasm, what with being in a new place and everything. So here’s a bit of cross-posting!

Sunday 15th January: One of those weeks, rather a lot of the same with some good, bad and interesting bits sprinkled through

Monday 16th January: A little gull coyly spying my sandwich crumbs

Tuesday 17th January: quite a picturesque route to pick up some milk!

Wednesday 18th January: Yesterday's crisp morning replaced by heavy grey wet air

Thursday, 19th January: These birds were being a bit more forward in demanding my sandwich!

Friday, 20th January: Stuck in the Mud!

Saturday 21st January: Too windy for sculling, but these boats were still well protected in their marina

22nd January: It pleases me that this was 5pm, and there is a tiny glimmer of daylight still!