In December, the lovely Moon Tree nominated me for a Liebster Blog Award. Liebster is german for dearest, beloved or favourite, and the award is for smaller blogs which deserve more attention. Thank you, I am honoured! You can visit my fellow awardees here on MT’s blog post.

I’d now like to take my turn in bestowing the award upon these five blogs:

Infinite Daffodil…for her chirpy stories of kicking anxiety where it hurts, and always sharing some good music.

Lugubrious Layara…who writes so honestly about the trials and successes of therapy, family relationships and uni.

Chananth…a fairly new blogger, who I look forward to reading more from and seeing more photographs!

Storm in a Tea Cup…her positivity in the face of anything shines through.

Reaction Formation…WG’s sketches and felties are always guaranteed to make me smile.

In the spirit of blogging love, as well as to be inspired and hopefully for a smile too, please go and visit these fab bloggers.

I look forward to discovering more gems in the blogosphere as they each pass the Liebster love onto another five bloggers too.