Splashes of colour, sometimes in unexpected places, that brightened things a bit in an otherwise fairly grey week:

1st January:

What better way to welcome in the New Year than a swim off the Welsh coast, led by a man in an orange suspender-mankini??

(that's me, proof that I also went swimming!)

2nd January:

Camera spinning: dark room + flower photo on laptop screen + throw/flick camera around (onto cushions) & take photo

3rd January:

A rainy day, but at least the puddles were pretty!

4th January:

Bog roll brightens things a bit

5th January:

I normally think of winter branches being dull black things, but these Cornus plants reminded me of fireworks

6th January:

Knitting my first ever sock! (I've since re-painted my toenails!)

7th January:

I do like the house colours in Suffolk. Reminds me of home a bit.