Some quick pics from this week (or conspicuous lack for several days. Things improved a bit by the weekend):

Monday, 5th December

I was in Ipswich for site visits on Monday.

It was freezing, had to pop into a Costa Coffee to warm up, was massaging my ice block feet as one might in a ski chalet.

Friday, 9th December

A geo-cache that asks if this is a camel or an elephant? My vote's for a camel, though I was disappointed not to find the cache. It was still nice to get outside for lunch.

Saturday, 10th December

I went rowing again this weekend. My third lesson, and first time out on in a scull by myself with no one else to help balance. Rather tippy but luckily I didn't go for a swim! This quad was out earlier than me, though they were probably too focused to notice the pretty light!

They were disappointed to find my camera wasn't edible! At first when I saw Poppy's tail across the other's face in the photo, I thought shucks, but actually I think it represents their personalities well - Poppy always seemed to have the upper hand/paw!

Sunday, 11th December

On the hunt for Muntjacs. I'd never heard of the creatures til yesterday. Though still as mystical as before as there were none to be seen on Sutton Heath.


More cute doggies: My landlady has been looking after Poppy for the weekend. Dogs are a good thing. Though Tilly is pleased to have the house and her beds back to herself again!

Double Decker Dogs