First of all, Happy December, how it is that far along already? Though to be fair, the first time I heard unsolicited Christmas music was just on 30th November, by a busking violinist, so it was not too obscenely early and maybe that is why it has crept up on me so quickly. Carols in October would mean I was fed up with the music by December, but that hasn’t happened this year.

Monday, 28th November

I happened to be out early in the morning getting some milk, and spied pretty light on the river, so went for a little walk too. I couldn't decided on my favourite photo, so here are a few.

Tuesday, 29th November

The more realistic day to day excitement of landscape architecture: cycle stands, safety barriers, bollards and wooden fencing. A survey of an Ipswich bus station.

Wednesday, 30th November

A naturally festive footpath near a geo-cache site, found during a lunch break.

Thursday, 1st December

A less fruitful geo-caching walk this lunch time, down by the river.

Glistening Cobbles. On the walk home from a pub outing with people from work celebrating the owner's retirement.

Friday, 2nd December

Described by another dogwalker as an 'anaemic' sunrise. But the patterns in the mud were pretty nonetheless. And with patience the colour improved a bit to.

Saturday, 3rd December

At a Christmas market in a nearby village, Tilly (the mini-lab) meets the big boys, and a mini-Santa Claus too.

Sunday, 4th December

Rescue greyhounds at the Christmas Fair in Woodbridge today.