I found this sign stuck on the wall in my new job’s office:

Yep, quite apt.

I caught myself wishing someone had stuck this next to my university desk. Though I think/know I would have had a sense of humour failure over it at the time!

Probably closer to what the reality would have been at uni

But now it’s reassuring to know that other people do feel stressed, that it is a normal reaction to problems at work. This pleases me for two reasons: 1) it’s ok to joke/admit to feeling stressed sometimes, and 2) that feeling stressed is normal and won’t automatically tip over into anything worse.

On that note, I will celebrate now getting through two weeks over no melt downs or other issues. Maybe a few mornings of jitters, but nothing worse that the fear of not knowing what I’m meant to be doing that day and afraid I’ll mess up on the next project. Which I guess are fairly rational, and I haven’t actually let them worry me to the point of causing me to mess up, so that’s ok. It’s almost been too easy. Or is that just normal?