My last week living in London, so took to photographing the normal London things I see often, and the places I’ve only just discovered as I’m about to leave!

Sunday 13th November

Autumn at Kew

Monday 14th November

Fluorescent stream of light from the (not)underground trundling along til late at night

Tuesday 15th November

Autumn in Southwark Park. I thought it would have been a nice place to walk during my lunches. Though sore feet afterwards reminded me why I hadn't often ventured that far!

Wednesday 16th November

Cute garden near work (discovered while geo-caching!)

Thursday 17th November

Ducks on a canal at Canada Water. Only discovered this nice place to sit for lunch on the day before leaving the London office. Oh well!

Friday 18th November

Whoosh of light near the Underground, after getting off my last journey on it for a while!

Saturday 19th November

Leaving London. I am Bag Lady

Tilly greeted me very happily as I intruded into her home, which I will be sharing for the next little while.

Sunday 20th November

A foggy but pretty morning spent discovering the walks near my new home