Graduation. PGDip (Dist), Landscape Architecture. All good though I wish I'd brushed my hair!

My other major exciting thing recently (now already over a week ago), was my graduation ceremony last Tuesday!

It was fun seeing friends again, and I was really happy my mother flew over to England for the ceremony, so she could meet them, and my lecturers/tutors from the past two years. She’s heard all about them, and I suppose it’s better late than never to meet them in real life. She was pleased to thank them for all their looking after me too.

There were times this year when I couldn’t imagine actually getting there in the end. Though I’m embarrassed by the total drivel I found to worry about. But somehow, with lots of support, I (I should say ‘we’) managed it. And with a usefully selective memory, which I noticed before when I re-visited my uni last time, I even have fond memories to boot!