It’s been a strange couple of weeks, since I’ve done a ‘Week in Pictures’ post, or even since my last entry – a mix of day-to-day normalness (really a giant win in the grand scheme of things for me !) that was not particularly photogenic, and some really exciting things that could not be condensed to a single picture!

As I still haven’t got my head round the big things – uni graduation ceremony shizz, finding out I somehow managed to pull of a distinction in my PGdiploma, and being offered and accepting a permanent job that will entail me becoming a country bumpkin – here is picture summary of my day-to-day stuff:

Flip flops on the Weekends

Flip Flops in Autumn (same flip flops, same jeans, slightly more chipped nail polish the next day)

Commuting on the Weekdays


Faffing with hair most days