Friday, 21st Otober

After ping ponging my way across London to get from Rotherhithe to Covent Garden (it’s not a straight forward route at the best of times), I decided to take a photo of the tube map, so I’d always have one close to hand and not need to squint across the carriage. Shame I then went and deleted this photo as I could have done with it several more evenings this week!

Saturday, 22nd October

Chelsea at Kew Garden

Having survived my first 2 1/2 days of work, I was expecting to be crashed out this weekend. So it was a pleasant surprise to wake up and find myself with a bit of energy, enough to take in a quick visit to Kew Gardens. This photo is of a recreated Chelsea Flower Show garden entry. They’ve been replanting it through the seasons:

24th May: A profusion of medicinal herbs in the original garden at Chelsea

2nd October: End of the summer flowers

Sunday, 23rd October

Apparently I wasn’t gardened-out enough yesterday, so set off for Wisley Garden this morning!

All kinds of orchids at Wisley.

Oxalis - I had to take this photo for fun as this plant is the biggest weed at home, yet here it was practically put on a pedestal in the Alpine House! While photographing it I bumped into someone else equally bemused by it. She is some I know from home...small world!

Monday, 24th October

Til now I'd been quite rude about the Shard. Tonight though it was quite pretty with its shimmering lights against the soft evening sky

Tuesday, 25th October

Cake Shop, from the bus

Having got fed up of jumping on the wrong trains in the wrong directions, I decided it was safer to take the bus. (wished I’d kept Friday’s photo on my camera)! Sometimes  I enjoy the bus, like being able to see where I’m going, and salivating over these yummy cakes in shop windows. Though the excitement soon wore off after five minutes of sitting in traffic…

Wednesday, 26th October

Pot of gold in the Thames!

The view from the office, and nearly from my desk! It pleased me that others in the office were equally excited by the rainbow, and were snapping photos too. The other important thing that pleases me is that the provision of tea is formally written into my contract!

Thursday, 27th October

Drizzly weather then dead batteries meant a photo-less day.

Friday, 28th October

A hazy morning view from the office. A handful of people were out at low tide with their metal detectors . Maybe looking for Wednesday's leprechaun treasure?