Friday's Photo

I took this photo earlier today, and added it to my ‘Week in Pictures’ post, which had to then became a ‘Week in Pictures + a Day’ post, as normally I do the weekly thing on a Thursday, but now I’ve let it slip to a Friday.

Though this may seem like a simple slip of the mind, and it sort of was, as I’ve been too busy most days this week to download photos from my camera, it actually represents something a bit more important to me: an unexpected consequence of start work this week is that my week finally feels like it ends on a Friday – structured like a ‘normal’ person’s week!

Til now, for most of 2011, I’ve imagined my weeks beginning and ending on a Thursday: the day of my CBT sessions during the springtime. During that time, these sessions were the only fixed thing in my week (in an otherwise monotonous sea of university work that I didn’t know what to do with), so Thursdays became to signify the point I’d think about how my week had been, and set goals for the next seven days, which mostly revolved around minimising tears.

I had told myself that once I’d achieved a tear-free week, I’d celebrate by summing up my week in pictures on the weekend, sort of as a sign I’d successfully moved on from those CBT structured weeks. Although I still haven’t managed an entire week without tears, that I’ve had to wait til Friday to sort my most recent photos because I’ve been busy with Proper things, is actually a much bigger win than simply changing the posting day for an arbitrary reason! It’s also made me realise that perhaps I can do things, even with the odd cry sometimes, without thinking everything is going to go horribly wrong and that I can’t cope with anything!!

Now I can’t wait to have the energy to think of Fridays as a social time to go out and enjoy myself with others, rather than curling up in bed with my laptop, which is all I’ve managed this evening!