Friday, 14th October

Popped out to get a few things from the shops, tried to continue last Wednesday’s alphabet photo walk with a safer ‘N’ photo!

N for Nasturtium

Saturday, 15th October

Visited more friends in Cheltenham again. A couple of us took a walk up Leckhampton Hill, which gives a beautiful view down onto the town. It’s funny how the hill was always there, yet this was only the third time I actually walked up it (and one of the times was for fieldwork, so that barely counts!)


Having been put off by the grime that I imagine London fruit to be covered in, I took the opportunity to collect some country clean sloes, for gin, and blackberries for whiskey.

Sunday, 16th October

Geocaching on Wimbledon Common! The clue referred to the ‘O’ tree, and my aunt immediately knew where to lead me, without bothering with maps or co-ordinates. (Though it took some more scrambling though holly bushes to find the cache itself!).

The 'O' tree. It would be hard to miss this strange oak. I can't figure out how it grew as it did.

Monday, 17th October

Day of freakery. In the evening (so in fact I can’t use this as an excuse for the lack of a photo) I received the offer of a short term contract from the landscape architecture company I applied to a couple of weeks ago! Basically I’m covering for the person who got the advertised job, but who can’t start immediately. But nonetheless it’s my first EVER proper non-student job offer!!! Very exciting though my level of freakouted-ness is even higher! Luckily I start on Wednesday, so there is a limit to the time I can spend working myself into a knotted mess! (hoping the number of !’s in this paragraph is a good sign!)

Tuesday, 18th October

Trying to distract myself with mundane worries over what on earth to wear in an office! So a trip to the new Westfield. Given my distaste for mooching round shops, this wasn’t a very stress relieving outing. I was more taken by the Christmas ornaments and long green wall!

Unflattering but shiny!

Westfield's Green Wall

Wednesday, 19th October

Just about survived my first working day (well no tears in the office at least). I also only managed a part day as I was already invited to a service at St Paul’s Cathedral in honour and memory of CMG’ers, where my grandfather’s name was read out. I’d forgotten, til I was on the train, that OccupyLSX was happening right there too! Became literally entangled in it – very sorry to the person whose tent I tripped over!

Inadvertently sightseeing at the OccupyLSX, I was also a bonafide visitor to the St Paul's evensong. Heartfelt messages inside and outside the Cathedral!

Thursday, 20th October

Zonked. Tea and bed. Good night!