For the first time since handing in my final piece of work, I re-visited my old uni yesterday. It was brilliant catching up with friends still there, and seeing the tutors and lecturers again, all without the stresses of deadlines and panics of having no idea what I was meant to be doing (or so I told myself at the time). With my brain pleasantly clear of those and other stresses, I was able to do so much:

  • Having already received my grades online, I was able to go to the assignment room without the normal feelings of fear and trepidation
  • Able to have a jolly conversation with tutors without tears
  • Able to go to the loo, like a normal person, without dashing in because of streaming tears or scratched blood
  • Able to enjoy going to the Student Union, like a normal person, without guilt or forcing myself to work til wee hours to make up for a pint
  • Able to pass the Help Zone without stopping in for help
  • Able to float along the corridors without feeling weighted down
  • Able to look across the studio with fond feelings, not full of fear, anxiety or through tears