Friday, 30th September

Dropped my first landscape architecture job application and portfolio off! Afterwards I visited this year’s Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens, with a friend. My previous blog post was about these escapades.

My other photo of the day came from a random red bridge with ginormous wheels, near the Rotherhithe Overground rail station in south east London, on the Thames.

Bascule Bridge, used to open up to allow ships through to Surrey Quays

Predictably, this was taking in a geo-cache that was supposedly hidden ‘1m inland from wood’. I’d hoped that this cryptic clue would become clear when I reached the spot, but alas, it didn’t and I came away empty handed!

Saturday, 1st October

Visited my grandmother in the morning, and took her out into Kingston. We came across these telephone boxes strewn in Old London Road…presumably an art installation of sorts.

Wobbly Telephone Boxes

Sunday, 2nd October

Kew Gardens! Possibly my favourite place, in England at least.


Monday, 3rd October

Pretty afternoon light coming through the trees just near where I'm staying (same place as a previous picture last week)

Tuesday, 4th October

Main excitement of the day was receiving a call from the landscape architect company I had just applied to, inviting me to an interview, tomorrow! Cue *fear**excitement**holy moly**yikes**aaaaahhhhh* reactions. And now *tears* when trying to think of something else beyond The Wrong Answers.

In the evening I went to a lecture at the Royal Geographical Society by David Breashears, a mountain climbing photographer and filmmaker. He’s been taking tons of photos of glaciers in the Himalayas (including sending up a helicopter with 7 Canon 5D DSLRs mounted on gimbles to stitch into gigapixel panoramas) to turn into an interactive exploration program. Think Google Street view following the routes of glaciers up and down Everest, K2 and mountains in between!

His web site isn’t live yet, so he was basically giving a preview of the sorts of things people (aimed at school children as well as research scientists) will be able to do with the photos. As well as ‘flying’ the helicoptor, there are slidey photos to compare glacier melt since the original 1920’s photos and the current day, and pop ups to show the routes of historic Everest expeditions, among other random bits of information.

Then we went out for supper and wandered round South Kensington.

Another sort of artwork outside the V&A

Wednesday, 5th October

Interview day! I guess the good thing about having less than 18 hours notice is I didn’t have too long to work myself up into too much of a panic! Though still a scramble to get my portfolio pages printed and find a decent binder to put it in.

I think I’ll need a bit more practice before I’m believably confidence. But at least I don’t think I said anything too cringe worthy, had too many *goldfish* occasions, and I didn’t ended up in tears! So wins on all those counts, though I’m not holding out for much more than that.

View from the office window. (After being questioned about whether I had any health difficulties that may affect my job performance, I decided against telling them where I would be posting this photo on the internet!)


Thursday, 6th October

After travelling to Cardiff last night to watch Don Giovanni at the Welsh National Opera (I’m not a opera buff by any means, but it seemed excellent. And I learnt a few Welsh words from translating between the English and Welsh subtitles!), I continued on with my aunt to St Davids today.

I love the first view of the sea as you come over the brow of the hill into Newgale