Friday 23rd September

I went to town again. Wow second day running (this is unusual for me)! This is the roundabout on the way into town. During my summer job last year, I helped come up with the idea of cricket team themed colours for the beds in the summer months, with different colours to match the teams closest to that location. I’m not sure if anyone else of the public ‘got’ the theme!

Roundabout finally flowering in cricket's Cup Match colours, two months after the event. Better late than never!

Saturday 24th September

Went fishing in the evening with my parents. A huge school of round robins swam past the dock while we were getting ready, so I held my underwater camera underwater to take photos of them. The camera couldn’t keep up with them, they were swimming so fast, so most of the photos were a blur. They also kept swimming into my hand, which was rather unnerving!

Lots of Round Robins

Sunday 25th September

To enjoy my last weekend at home, I spent another session photographing the fish, this time actually swimming with them!

I love how intently some of the fish stare at my camera!

Monday 26th September

I will miss the turquoise water! Today was a whirlwind of packing and organising myself to leave home and fly back to England to begin job hunting in earnest. Photography was forgotten about in my rush – that is the one downside of online check in, I can cut my timing almost too finely, as the bag drop is open til 40mins before departure!

Tuesday 27th September

Quintessentially Englandshire

Woke up (or rather I never managed to sleep a wink on the flight) to find myself 5,555km away from home. A catchy distance and nearer than the 4,000 miles which I’d previously had in mind. Though to give myself credit, it is still pretty far away! This street scene is just near where I’m staying, and I thought it looks just about as British as it can get!

I had a slightly disconcerting experience walking a bit further along, when I saw a man with a reddish brown snake nonchalantly wrapped round his shoulders. I’m sure it was there, though no one else even batted an eyelid. This must be London!

Wednesday 28th September

Lincoln Inn Fields

So many times I’ve left things at home by mistake when returning to England for university, and my mother had to find a kind soul travelling later to bring over my belongings. So this time I gladly accepted a package of things my cousin had forgot to take with her the previous week. We met up for a picnic on Lincoln Inn Fields, just near her university. It was a gorgeous sunny day (though I stayed in my jeans all day, so it couldn’t have been that hot!) and quite idyllic, perhaps even better than the picture perfect university prospectus pictures!

In the evening, I went to a brilliantly fun Pirates of Penzance play, starring my cousin (different one from earlier in the day) and his wife. Very memorable, though no photos were allowed in the theatre!

Thursday 29th September

Quiet London

This is the only photo from today, which I took while popping out to get my portfolio printed (yes, in my perfectionism to be sure it looks right, I’m old school!). I’ve just heard about several potential job openings, so I went full swing into getting my application, cover letters, CV and portfolio put together. I should be ready to send it off tomorrow! It is probably a good thing that I haven’t had too much time to spend feeling nervous!