Friday 16th September

Went to the nearest beach to see the waves after the previous day’s hurricane. They were back to normal, but still pretty.

After the storm: Early morning light

Saturday 17th September

Was poking about Google maps. The earth is pretty incredible! I’m trying to make some biggish resolution photos to print for my wall (lots of screen shots then merged together in PS. Can’t find a quicker way. Prob quite illegal too.)

Google Desert, somewhere in Africa, forgot to make a note of location, shucks.

Sunday 18th September

Crab holding on in a wave

Monday 19th September

Busy choosing, cropping, printing photos for a calendar for myself next year. Several I’ve shown in my blog recently.

I made a mix of photos of home, sailing holiday, pretty flowers, pets and a couple of artistic ones too.

Tuesday 20th September

(typical) Crazy weather day today. Visited my grandfather in his nursing home and took my grandparents out for juice and cookies near a fort. Took in a geo-cache too (hidden in the wall of the fort’s moat). My grandparents even seemed to understand the concept of being super excited to find a hidden box, then hide it again, ready for more crazy geeks. Bucketing rain on the drive out, boiling hot sitting outside the fort less than an hour later.

Summer shower

Geo-caching at Fort Scaur, with good views east and west

Wednesday 21st September

Spent some time in the evening trying to video my dad’s parrot eating a pretzel. Apparently the previous evening he’d be twirling it like a majorette. I tried making it into a looping GIF, but couldn’t work out how to do it. Here’s a still frame:

Pretzel twirling parrot

Thursday 22nd September

I met up with a friend for lunch in town. I was wanting to pretend to be a tourist, but he wasn’t so interested in taking photos of random street scenes. This is Front Street. Sometimes a policeman directs traffic from inside the Bird Cage.

Front Street and the Bird Cage


More lizards

They make me smile 🙂