Friday, 9th September

Met up with friends for Happy Hour. It’s held at a hotel on the harbour front. A pretty evening with a nearly full moon.

9th September, Moonlit water

You know that time in the evening when you suddenly think that, by swinging your camera, you are taking the next major pop art photograph to take the world by storm? Yep. This was one of those times:

Untitled 56

Saturday, 10th September

I attended another school friend’s wedding this weekend. It was picturesque: held by the terrace of a golf club house, overlooking the ocean with palm trees in the distance. The wedding had an eye-catching colour theme of turquoise and deep magenta, from the purple orchids with turquoise dye in their veins, to the bride’s turquoise peeptoe shoes and purple garter (caught by another of my friends!).

10th September, Turquoise Wedding

Sunday, 11th September

Having to go all the way back to to the golf course where the wedding was held last night, to pick up my bike (will I ever learn to just buck up and go by taxi both ways!?), I decided to take a meandering route home and play tourist for the afternoon. Sometimes I think I forget how beautiful a place I am lucky enough to call home.

11th September, Summer Clouds. Remind me why I'm wanting to return to deepest darkest UK in a few days???

Monday, 12th – Wednesday 14th September

I think, though too tired to remember properly, that I spent the days stewing over trying to work some more on portfolios to use with job applications and to send out to companies speculatively. Definitely not very photogenic!

Thursday, 15th September

A storm a week seems to be the pattern of the last few weeks. First Tropical Storm Jose, then Katia, and now Hurricane Maria. I enjoy storms when you know they won’t be too bad and dangerous, and still safe enough to go sightseeing!

Hurricane Maria

And me looking suitably anonymous, being blown by the wind