This past Saturday I was invited to a second wedding in as many weekends. It’s felt like the wedding season here! It’s been great fun, as the first wedding was between two of my close friends, and this past weekend was with one of my good friends (the husband), to a girl I used to play tennis with.

It’s been a special time too because several of my friends who have moved to various countries have made the effort to come back to where we went to school, to my home, so it has been like a mini reunion too! It’s been fun remembering funny memories of school, our antics and grizzly teachers. With hindsight we can look back at the things which had seemed like such major upsets at the the time, and laugh about them now. Individually we’ve also all said how much we appreciated our times together growing up, even if at the time we had some sour moments.

Being in the safety of my best friends has taught me a few lessons too:

  • It’s ok to wear the same dress twice. As much as we might like to think they’re memorable, no one is really keeping tabs on what each other has worn. (I later noticed on Facebook one of my friends had worn a particular dress several years ago. It made me smile and gives me confidence to re-use outfits too. I like to think she’ll have the same thought when she sees my same black and white print dress reappear in my photos!)
  • It’s ok not to have made the bestest friends from university (I’d been beating myself up over maybe not trying hard enough). Our family and friends from school, who we grew up with, will still most likely be our best men/maids of honour.
  • It’s ok to make a bit of a mess round my placemat with food. Then when the next person spills their wine, we can joke ‘it’s contagious!’
  • It’s ok to not stay out til the party packs up. Someone else will be relieved to share a taxi home earlier.
  • It’s ok not to be a music buff (aside from that, needing to ask questions it makes the buffs feel even more impressed by themselves!)
  • It’s ok to admit university was stressful. No one found it 100% easy or a pure party.