2nd September

Today I began de-mirtazapine-ising myself. Long story here, short story that I’m enjoying feeling reasonably stable with only normal-person cranky moods sometimes, so, having been on this med for nearly 6 months, I’m beginning to taper off it. Yay!

This was a palm tree near the doctor’s office, which was looking pretty in its veil of pink coralita vines:

Clambering Coralita

My other excitement (much more exciting by all counts in fact!), was that I was invited to and went on a cocktail cruise hosted by the Parents of the Groom. Two of my close friends are marrying each other tomorrow evening. Unfortunately my camera vanished later that evening, seemingly from this Earth too 😦 . I hope I will be able to get hold of someone else’s photos from the evening. I’m so mad at myself, it wasn’t even my own camera, I was borrowing my mother’s as my battery was dead. I seriously can’t be trusted with anything, and I don’t trust myself not to mess things up.

3rd September

My friends married in the evening. It was a gorgeous evening too, with the ceremony held outside with an ocean backdrop, followed by dinner on outdoor porches. They are so happy and a perfect match, it makes me happy thinking about them 🙂

Wedding Kiss

4th September

My goodness my mind goes blank when I don’t have any photos to remind myself of my activities! Actually I know I went to a pool party in the evening, so things must have been ok.

5th September

Happy Labour Day! Although I’m on vacation at home at the moment, when everyone else is also having a day off, it does feel like a holiday atmosphere. My family went out in our boats. Accordingly I updated my list of ‘Things that Make Me Smile’ page to include jumping off boats and cliffs 😀

My cousin's 'graceful' dive

6th September

Another hurricane is brushing past us. In fact Katia is still quite far away, but the storm surge is being pushed out 100’s miles in front of the storm, giving us some good wave action along the shore. Nothing too dangerous, thankfully, in fact just right for going out sightseeing in the sun.

Sunny Hurricane

7th September

After spending the past year pestering my cousins to bring their sunfish out for a sail, my dad mentioned that there was a old sunfish hull up in the bushes behind my grandparents’ house. We had to do some bush whacking to uncover it from the weeds, but it is in fairly good condition with just a few holes that will need patching. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning it up (but haven’t taken a photo of it sparkling clean yet). Hopefully it will be ready to sail by next summer.

Will need good soap for this hull!

In the evening I met up with my friends again. It has been really special having so many of my old school friends back home this past week – with two friends marrying on Saturday, and another marrying this coming weekend, a lot of my friends made the effort to return home for the Wedding Season week. We went out for Indian, and shared a family naan…

Maahoosive Naan

8th September

Hurricane Katia is still affecting the wind and ocean. I went to see the waves again, and took in a spot of geo-caching nearby.

Geo-caching is a brilliant game (so good I even wrote an entire university essay on it. yes I’m a geek) – people hide canisters across the globe (1,513,143 at last count), log the GPS coordinates online and then players, called ‘geocachers’, search for them. I have to admit I just use the google map as a reference, but really you’re meant to plug the numbers into your handheld GPS and use that to search with.

Once you find the cache, you sign the log book and sometimes there are little trinkets to trade, then re-hide the cache in exactly the same spot. Then you can log your find on the geo-caching website and watch your tally add up. I’ve found 140 caches, but that’s not a shade on some people who have 2,000+ finds!

The real treasure of course is where the search leads you – the caches tend to be hidden in places that are interesting – especially good for tourist as they’ll often lead you off the beaten track.

The geo-cache I found today