Last Saturday, two of my close from from my school days married, to each other. They’re the first of my group of friends to marry, and they started the no-doubt-to-be-long-trail-of-successive-weddings with a bang! You couldn’t have wiped the huge grin on my face as I watched their ceremony as they read their vows they’d written themselves, I’m so happy for them. They’re so well suited for each other, and I’ve never seen the husband, who I went to school with since we were five years old and I know most well, as happy as when he is with his new wife. And I can’t imagine what a brain box, or how handsome/gorgeous their children will be!

This coming Saturday the next of my school friends gets hitched, this time to a girl I used to play tennis with. I’m liking these double weddings, so much fun to see two people I know so utterly in love with each other and happy.

I’ve probably used the word ‘happy’ a few too many times in the post, but it’s how this past week has been overall. I’ve managed to keep up feeling happy too, at least during the main events. So can I just have a little whine now, to say how happy I am for the couples marrying, and pleased that it’s them not me: I seem to be stuck having the emotional reactions of a five year old girl, to things both good and bad. If I think about this too much, especially realising that it’s not simply that I never moved beyond the 5 yo stage, but rather that I’ve regressed in the past few years, then I’ll be sad and upset myself more and that 5 yo will come out again. So I’m doing my best just to enjoy the moment now, and work on everything else as they come up in the future, so that maybe one day I will have the same stable, mature elegance that everyone else manages with such ease…and hopefully before I’m 83. (Ha! I can wish at least…)