A week that could best be summed up with, ‘Huh? where did it do?’. My pictures don’t give much a way either…

26th August

I spent quite a lot of the day (and rest of this past week) working for my parents with their business growing seedlings. My main jobs that I’m quite good and quick at is planting seeds and transplanting the very young plants into the plug trays to sell. They’ve had the summer off (too hot to grow things), and are just getting going again, with the first things due to be delivered to shops after Labour Day, next Monday.


Baby petunias. Aren't they so cute and sweet?!It appears we also had chicken for supper.

27th August

I went into town today to buy wedding presents for two sets of friends getting married next week and the week after that. Everywhere I looked I kept seeing curved paving, which had driven me crazy earlier this year when trying to draw plans for a curved promenade for one of my landscape architecture modules. What gets me is how, especially with the larger paving slabs, difference in angle between one slab and the next is so slight and imperceptible and would at first seem insignificant, but when every slab is set set like that, you get a nice arc following the street layout.


Paving Dreams

28th August

The United States were having fun with Hurricane Irene today. We didn’t want to miss out on an exciting Saturday either, so Tropical Storm Jose popped up early in the morning. The storm (luckily for us) never came to anything more than some heavy dark clouds, but it did have the perfect storm look about it on the radar image:

 A picture perfect Tropical Storm

Edge of Jose

29th August

Unconnected to yesterday’s Tropical Storm Jose, we had a heavy downpour of rain. I love the sound of great big plopping rain drops. In fact a few days previously I’d added that to my list of Things that Make Me Smile! (heavy rain never looks as heavy in the photos!)


Proper rain

30th August



My great aunt and uncle are visiting from Canada this week, and stopped by our house for lunch. It was nice to see them, especially for my grandfather, and we had some obligatory family line up photos. I didn’t end up with any on my camera though.

31st August

In pet news… the weather must be getting colder…my dog has finally plucked up the nerve to boot the cat out of her bed! (she’s now relegated to a chair)


Cassy's finally reclaimed her bed

1st September

I couldn’t think of anything else that happened yesterday. Today has been similar. I know I did some more transplanting of plants this afternoon, and worked some more on putting together my portfolio for when I come back to the UK in a couple of weeks to job hunt properly…other than that, the day sleeked by without me noticing. I’m basically on holiday so I can’t complain too much!

This week’s wild card:

Little Lizard. He spent a day scampering about the kitchen last week. Quite cute, though the novelty might soon have worn off if he'd stayed the rest of the week!