So my mother came into my room a couple of days ago, proudly announcing she had consulted Dr Google (since saw her search: “depression””crying”) and had found the solution to all evils: Omega 3 fish oil.

A while ago I’d looked up health supplements and noticed that Omega 3 sounded possibly helpful. But all the the different acronymns of EHS, ALA, DHA (probably got those wrong) were confusing, as well as the discussion between Omega-3, -6, 88 and 101’s (or whatever) was too much for me to follow a few months ago. I’d thought I’d pop into Holland & Barrett to take a look at what they had, but never managed to get into town at the same time as having on me, my scrappy little note of abbreviations and random symbols.

I was also a bit pleased that my mother had at least vaguely understood and accepted my explanation that I completed agreed that whatever I was upset over was a silly thing to be upset over, except that being upset at it upset me more for being upset at something so silly!

So I took her up on her offer of trying the fish oil capsules full of omega-3 goodness, and she duly rushed out to buy me a bottle of them.

I am really not into the homeo-herby stuff, but I’m willing to try something that might help. I’ll see how I get on.

(also found this fun little graphic: The bubble for fish oil/omega 3 regarding ‘depression/mental health’ is floating next to ‘conflicting evidence’, just below the ‘worth it’ line. )