I used to always have a camera with me, ready to take a photo whenever there was the opportunity, or making them up by giving myself random challenges like ‘photographing something green everyday for a month’ (this was during a February-harder than you might think!). But in the past couple of years I’ve got a bit slack.

To get myself back into the habit, and to document my efforts to ‘Don’t lose sleep, don’t lose heart,  put fun in wherever/whenever I can’ I’m going to try keeping a mini diary mostly in pictures.

Thursday may seem like a random point to start, but ever since my sessions with Celine, which were always a Thursday, I’ve always thought of Thursdays as a time to reflect and start more goals.

11th August

Finished tidying up my room. A mammoth task as do the past few years I’ve always been cramming in uni work or paid work to make money for uni, so my room’s been neglected. Came across a few stacks of old photos which were fun to look at. Found one of me gardening in my school uniform! I’d like to get my hands dirty again sometime soon, though I’ll wait for the weather to cool off a bit.

Gardening mini-me

12th August

Out in boat to watch the sunset. Observed my feet and noticed they summed up my recent activities well.

Summary: boating, fridge painting, running

Sunset, 12th August

13th August

Helped my dad clean the rowing boat. Waded about along the rocks photographing fish and squid (just holding my waterproof camera below the water while trying in vain to keep my shirt and shorts dry!) As well as the fish and squid, also found a zebra nudibranch (Hypselodoris zebra). Sort of rare, but eye catching when there is one about.

Squid, fish & Zebra Seaslug

14th August

Invited out by my cousins in their sailing boat, on the premise to find dolphins. We didn’t see any, but the sailing was fun and we got a bit wet while dodging rain clouds.

Sailing for Dolphins

15th August

My parents’ 30th wedding anniversary. We had steak on the barbeque. As it was their Pearl anniversary, I made a card using pearly nail polish. Looked more like a 3 year old had made it, but they seemed to like it. As I was painting their card, I also made the effort to paint my own nails too (see earlier photo of scuffed toenails)!

16th August

Went for a run in the morning. Supposedly fun but left me exhausted for the rest of the day, so didn’t do so well with the ‘don’t lose heart’ bit of my mantra re: fridge work (coats of paint peeling up, rust showing through again. Trying to remind myself that fridges are not worthy of tears!) and portfolio work (as soon as I opened the file on my laptop, I remembered all of my issues with it this past year, all too vividly)

Made another attempt to ‘put fun in’, by taking my dog out for a walk late in the evening. Very muggy and nearly dark but tried to take a photo anyway, only to find I hadn’t put my camera card back in. Sort of an appropriate end to an irritating sort of day.

17th August

Finally finished painting the fridge. Had to take a photo quick before the rust and mould comes back…

Sparkling clean, painted fridge!

18th August

Run early in the morning. Lazy rest of day. My cat sums it up well:

Cat naps

Wild card for the week:


Ants are everywhere. As is so typical, the shops have all sold out of decent bug spray too. To spite us further, they’ve even taken to skating on water!