This is the second section on the worksheet Celine gave me to fill out, about early things, core beliefs and rules I live by.

<the short version>

I am…friendly, likeable

Others are…perfect.

The world is…good.

<The slighly longer version>

I am…a person who likes to think they are, and tries to be, friendly, likeable. Except in reality I am a person persevering at trying to be as good as others, which makes me not as good for (at least) two reasons:

  1. I’m having to try harder that others when they don’t need to try as hard = can never be as good as them as I can’t do it as effortlessly or gracefully as them;
  2. Trying as hard as I do = can’t enjoy things as much = makes me not such a nice person, and I’m not happy having to try as hard as I do = not happy = not a Good Thing.

Yet I don’t give up.

Other are…perfect:  Everyone seems to be good at whatever they do. They know what they are good at, what they want and can do, and know how to achieve that. And others don’t get upset/let things get to them. They just get on with it and do it.

The world is… (still) good

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