I’m feeling pushed against my next university coursework deadline (due on Tuesday). I’m trying to write out my possibilities and the pros and cons of each, as I did with Celine a few weeks again when dealing with my End of Year Show display.

It seems my three choices are:

  1. Work as hard as I can, without much food or sleep
  2. Make a timetable and stop working on sections once I’ve done my allotted time on it, regardless of its state.
  3. Work through it as best I can but probably will end short of the last section(s)


  1. Will leave me physically and probably mentally exhausted, and not guarantee its completion anyway
  2. Will leave me in tears (mental exhaustion), as the work will have so many gaps in it that every time I look at it, it confuses and upsets me more, and the work I have done won’t make much sense anyway.
  3. Nothing bad will happen to me, but it will be so annoying to have put so much effort and time into the the previous pieces of work for this module and others, and then end with a bad piece.
  1. Is what I would normally do, but I know it’s not healthy and I really shouldn’t try it.
  2. The one everyone (family, friends, tutors, Enise) seem to think is the best way forwards.
  3. Path of least tears.
(lack of) Conclusions:
So 1) is a write off. I am liking the least tears bit of 3). But I’ll probably be annoyed with myself for not doing 2), which everyone else thinks is best academically and they are probably right.

I’d like to go through this with Celine tomorrow, but then that will be the best part of another two days written off (today and tomorrow) and by then my options will be very limited.
Ho hum.

Update: A decision! I have decided to go with option 3. The final part of the advice from Celine was to make a decisions and then stick with it, and not waste more time worrying over it or flip flopping between plans. Hopefully as well I might just surprise myself and not end up with too much missing at the end!