It’s been an interesting learning experience the last couple of weeks or so, really watching what I do and how I do them. A while back, towards the end of last year, SG (Stress Guy, from IAPT who comes to my university once a week) suggested that I tend to see things in black and white. I was a bit put out by that, as I think/thought that actually I was fairly good at seeing different points of view and different sides of arguments. But I have to admit now that he did have a point: while I can see the greys in everything else, when it comes to me, I either do things, or I don’t.

I’m having a couple of days off in London to visit gardens and work at the Chelsea Flower Show (woop!), which has been a good break from university stuff. I’ve enjoyed being able to completely ‘switch off’. But now if I even try to think about my university work, it all comes tumbling back on me. I don’t seem to be able to gently think about my university work, and equally don’t seem to be able to do small bouts of entertainment. I either throw myself into one or the other. Somehow I need to do a bit of both work and fun gently mixed together, in shades of grey, without ending in tears and exhaustion.

This blog is definitely a bit navel gazey, but if anything it is a shade of grey, helping me relax and think about uni work, without actually working myself into the ground over it and not getting anyway (this isn’t getting me anywhere either, but at least I’m not expecting it to, so am slightly less resentful of spending the time on it!)