I know I have a tendency to forget the good things. I’ve always been like that. My parents tell me about how they would plan the weekend’s activities for a Sunday afternoon, so that I’d write about good things in my News & Stories book at school on a Monday morning. Otherwise I had a tendency to forget a good Saturday, and just write about my dull Sunday evening. My dad would also tease my schoolfriends and me that we were ‘futurians’ – we’d only ever talk about plans for the coming week or holidays, never discuss what we’d already done. I guess that’s coming to bite me now: I can’t help but worry about my immediate university coursework deadlines, as well as my unknown future after all that, but at the same time gloss over what I’ve already achieved.

Anyway, to stop me coming to next week and feeling that this past week has been a bore, I will make a note of the little things I’ve made an effort to do, to ‘put the fun in, wherever I can’, as my little mantra goes.

So, today I went for a run first thing in the morning round the race course. Then at lunch I went out for a bicycle ride to pick up a Tescos ploughman sandwich (a treat compared to my normal dry cheese one). I’ve filled in another quarter of my zendoodle that I’ve been working on the past couple of days. This afternoon I bicycled to the train station to pick up my tickets for my trip to London tomorrow afternoon (to the Chelsea Flower Show, yay!), and stopped off on my way there and on my way back to find two different geo-caches that I’ve been meaning to find for ages. And now my tutor has just brought me a the leftovers from a bag of crisps he had at a meeting today!

Phew no wonder I often feel tired in the evenings, and that I’m not getting anything done, if I’m doing these things, then forgetting about them, and only judging my day by the amount of university work I’ve achieved!

Lesson to self: remember the fun and don’t judge a day by the university work (or else don’t do the fun and maybe I will get my university work done. But then that really would be dull)