A report on my fifth session with Celine:

Having (sort of) successfully put together some bits of work for my course’s End of Year Show, we went over what I had learnt as positives and negatives towards meeting deadlines.

While I agree putting the show up was a sort of deadline, it wasn’t like the rest of my deadlines, where I’m actually being marked. I may have hit on something there: things go badly when I’m worried about how my work will be judged. Unfortunately I’m not sure of a way around that problem, as it is a fact of university work: that the reason you do it is for the marks. It’s all very nice and well saying we do it for ourselves, but in reality, that isn’t really true, no matter how hard I pretend!

Anyway, these  are the things I came up with:


  • Have a realistic plan
  • Make a list of everything and monitor progress, review list daily and cut off unrealistic bits (no sure why that got underlined. That was my point: it was ok to cut bits off a show that isn’t being marked. Less so when it is being marked. I don’t want my effort to all go to waste just because I cut bits off that turn out to be crucial)
  • Don’t lose heart
  • Don’t lose sleep – aim for 7 or 8 hours
  • Put fun in whenever/wherever possible: resentment to work decreases, happiness increases, more upbeat, more able to cope with being tired, faster at work, more creative? (theoretically – I didn’t actually achieve doing that this past week. I’ve felt like everything has been a bore)
  • Keep things simple, logical, clear structure (I felt that would obviously work. But that is what I have such a hard time with when everything is in such a tangle in my mind and I’m tired!)

-ves/what doesn’t help:

  • Don’t be unrealistic (hard though when I look at my work and I think it is so unrealistic to think I can design an entire eco-town, and all the bumph that goes with it in less than two weeks!)
  • Too little sleep
  • Bad habits of working til early in am –> tired, tearful
  • No fun = resentful of work –> tired, slows me down –> dull work produced (that’s a bit harsh!)
  • Cramming everything in
  • Getting bogged down
Conclusion for session: “Sleep is Brain Food!”
There was something else interesting she said, which I don’t have written down. She said something about being resilient. I think that is something I should think about: How something can happen, and if you are happy/energetic, then it might push you a bit, but it doesn’t matter, you’ll bounce back up because you are resilient. But if I’m already tired, discouraged, bogged down, then the same thing can happen but it will tip me into tears, because my resilience is lower. It makes sense. One always thinks about resilience in terms of colds, so this is sort of similar and easy to picture. Now I just I wish I could be less tired, discouraged, bogged down!
Aim for this next week: do the +ve’s and don’t think about the ‘buts’ associated with it. Then see if I’m slightly less tired/discouraged/bogged down etc.