Enise phoned me this morning, she’d just received my email I’d sent her last week:

I’m sorry I can’t remember the particular suggestions you gave me for how to think about, and approach my work, so that I don’t end up either just keeping on transferring work that I didn’t finish one day on to the next day, ending up with giant holes and tangles in my work in order to be finished by a certain time – which just confuse me even more the following day, or else staying up til silly hours trying to get done what I needed to do that day. Sorry I know I should have made some proper notes, but wondered if you could please remind me of what a better way to work might be!

I was trying to make notes while she was on the phone today, but I still don’t have a clearer idea of how not to get stuck or go in circles with my work. She just suggested that when I start feeling anxious and can’t go forwards with my work, to go out for a walk for half an hour to refocus on my goals for the day. I just agreed with her.


I will try it today, but really not sure it’s something I can do, safely at 10pm, midnight, 1 or 2 in the morning, which is when I tend to get most anxious with my work: worrying that it’s going to be yet another day lost if I don’t achieve anything before I go to sleep. It’s that part I need help with. I’m worried now too that if I let myself get more anxious earlier in the day, so I can go for a walk in daylight, then I’ll just end up with every waking minute being stressed!