Had a day of various appointments which mostly went well: eye test (definitely need glasses!), tutorial, Senior Tutor & SG.

Senior Tutor:

Conveniently I’ve already written a little summary of my meeting with the Senior Tutor for my parents, just to keep them in the loop so hopefully they won’t worry so much about me:

I talked to the senior tutor this afternoon. It was successful, he said it was fine to push all my deadlines back two weeks. I hope I don’t need that, but it will be nice to have a bit of a safety net if I still aim for the normal deadlines! And will mean that I can take my time a bit more on the Bristol model which is the one I’ve lost out on this past week, without having to ultra stress myself to catch up this week’s work. I think I might try to practice just working 9-5 this week, or some other set of normal hours and see if I can still get a good bit done.



Reasonably useful. Decided that I’m not really helping myself with my ‘rational responses’, or believing my negative thoughts even though I can see perfectly well that they are wrong.


But useful discussing a good calendar approach to work. I need to make sure that uni work is only a smallish portion of my time. Sounds simple, but I think it will be a good way of seeing it in perspective (which I’ve obviously lost!)