I like the idea of being a ‘patient’, rather than a ‘client’ – No one wants to be a patient, so it infers that it’s a temporary bad thing, with the goal to be recovered and no longer a patient. While a client sounds like you’ve chosen to be in that situation, and you’ll forever be trying to sort yourself out.

I tend to use the word ‘stressed’ to describe how I feel right now. Though I don’t think I’m using it in its technical meaning. Probably ‘distressed’ is closer to it. But I really want to keep away from the word ‘depressed’, as I think I’m no where near as far gone as I’ve felt before – I would never say I’m feeling hopeless/worthless/etc etc right now. Just really irritated and unsure of what to do next regarding uni work specifically. And for some reason keep getting upset when I try to get help. That is the specific part that I would like to improve on.

Also, I think me saying I’m ‘irritated’/’annoyed’ doesn’t mean specifically that I feel like I’ve been treated unfairly or taken advantage of. Perhaps more like ‘frustration’. Just general thought that things aren’t right/how I would like them to be/how I know they can be. Especially frustrated with myself as I’m the only thing blocking achieving those things. Just don’t know how to do it/can’t do it when I’m upset.