Me thinking about how a couple days ago when I saw Enise, she said ‘it might be time to see a consultant’. Presumably meaning a psychiatrist.


I feel like a dummy for having it suggested to me that I should see one.


A dummy. Annoyed and frustrated with myself for being a dummy. (belief I am a dummy: 50%)

Evidence against needing to see a consultant:

  • I’m not that seriously bad!
  • I don’t want it to be on my health records
  • I just need a bit of help sorting out how to approach problems, so I can deal with them myself.
  • Already seeing dr, Enise, SG. It would be confusing adding another person in. I must be a fairly simple case, I’m sure they can deal with me on their own.

Evidence in favour of seeing a consultant:

  • Maybe everyone else are dummies and are finally admitting it, so are just passing me off to someone who is slightly less of a dummy.
  • They will be better at helping reduce doses/working out a combination of meds requiring the least amount.
  • I might feel better and happier!

<August 2011: I never did see a consultant. By this point in February I was beginning to think I just wanted to come off the sertraline altogether as they didn’t seem to be affecting me positively, so I didn’t think a consultant was all that relevant. Enise never pushed the idea again, and accepted to take a ‘watchful waiting’ position when I tried to emphasise that I was a straight forward case of stress and mild-moderate depression & anxiety (according to PHQ-9 & GAD-7 at least.)>