Looking back at previous entries, I am reminded of the quote from Nietsche, in the title. I wish I’d looked at my entries again earlier this week when I saw my dr and Enise, and when I could have seen one of the tutors. I found I’d actually made some good plans on what to ask. All I’ve ended up doing is thinking the same things over and over in my mind, and now it’s almost a bit frustrating that today is Saturday, so will have to wait til at least Monday to put them in to action. I’ll copy and past them here again, so that I remember about them:

31st January:

  • Learn a way to judge my work (other than amount of time spent), or how not to become so wrapped up in it so I can’t judge it.
  • Learn where to focus my energy – which parts actually matter?
  • Learn how to convert effort –>quality, and ideally reduce effort required.
  • Learn How to work more efficiently, harder and faster.
  • Make me not defined by my hang ups over work! I honestly feel that this isn’t me, but the longer it goes on for, and the more I talk about it, me and everyone else are going to end up believing it!

1st February:

  • How to ask good questions to tutors for advice on how to go about knowing what is required for different pieces of work?

4th February:

  • If I were in a self help book, what would the next pages say?
  • Sort out immediate problem – ie academic stuff – get clearer idea of what work is required, and the quality and amount expected.
  • Make a realistic schedule that will get that done, and stick to it, with fun things in the off times.
  • Hopefully giving time for fun will help sort out underlying problems at the same time.

8th February:

  • What do I need to do to meet the deadlines on time?

9th February

  • Help come up with some practical solutions of what I can concentrate on, what I don’t need to worry with, and work within the deadlines!
  • How to come up with work that is good enough, , without feeling I need to chuck as much time as I possibly can at it.
  • Or preferably how I could even boost my work into an A, within the same or even less time than it is normally taking me.