I’m going to need to talk to the Senior Tutor regarding deadlines. My medical certificate is for two weeks, so won’t extend to my actual deadlines in the last week of February and first week of March. But I can’t see how I can achieve those deadlines without spending time on the work, which is what I really feel like I need to avoid right now. It doesn’t make any difference if I work in my room or at uni. What I just want is some guilt-free sleep!

I had a look on the uni website regarding deadlines and illness. This is what I found:

On rare occasions it is possible that a student’s mental state has reached such a point that it becomes impossible for them to be able to continue with their studies until their health improves. The University has procedures in place to enable it to support students with their studies but, should support be refused or prove not to be effective, may suspend a student’s studies until their mental health improves and they can then resume their course.

Which actually raises more questions than answers…

  • What are the ‘procedures in place to…support students with their studies’? – I’m already on the IAPT scheme getting guided self-help with SG. I’m already seeing my GP regarding meds (but time is wasted trying to sort out appointments, testing out meds is lengthy). I’ve also met with Enise (uni’s mental health advisor). She’s useful, she says she can explain things to others on my behalf, but I don’t know how/what to tell who.
  • I am taking a short break right now, but more for physical reasons than mental (although physical probably a result of mental)
  • I’d rather do a bit less work, but enough to pass, than to stop completely (which wouldn’t solve my problem anyway, I think I’d be just as stressed, or more so, when I tried again.)
Other things I want to say to the Senior Tutor:
  • I don’t actually want to just scrape a pass, I’d like to do as well as I can. Preferably I would manage this my either the same or less work, but more efficiently, in order to get the same or better marks!
  • But need ‘support’ knowing how to achieve that.
  • Have already pestered tutors enough. I just don’t feel I am learning. I’m just bumbling along hoping that throwing enough time at the work will be enough to get good marks. Obviously it would be better if my time was targetted at what actually mattered. Maybe that is what we should be teaching ourselves/know already, but at the moment my mental health is suffering and I really would appreciate a tiny bit of direct help before I’m totally lost in my vicious circle.
  • Perhaps being shown past student work and having the good and bad aspects pointed out to me. I have seen a few bits of previous work, but I’m having to guess, and even the ‘bad’ looks pretty good as far as I am concerned!