Is it bad/wrong/presumptuous of me to suggest that the reason I’m stressed/allowing myself to be stressed by uni work and feel I need to put in way too many hours to come up with some normal quality work, is that I am distressed or even depressed??

In that depression, according to the tick boxes, is ‘feeling hopeless’, or ‘a failure’ etc. I’m desperately trying not to feel like that, but maybe in fact I’m trying to cover up that symptom, with a rather unhealthy way of working that really isn’t getting me anywhere. (At the moment pretty much living/sleeping in the uni studio. Aiming to sleep 5 hours, getting 4 hours is a luxury, 3 hours normal and 2 hours last night. Then spending the rest of the time trying to work at my laptop but more often dripping tears through it).

Meaning that it is my work which is suffering effects of my mind, rather than my mind suffering from the work? Actually I think it is a combination of both…a vicious circle…and my mind is as mixed up as these sentences.