Sorry this can’t be a more upbeat entry.

Been feeling basically fairly cruddy since Saturday.

Sunday, had a great tour round Oxford with a couple of friends, though completely energy-less having not felt like eating supper or breakfast, and then not feeling up to lunch. Did have a fruit smoothie in the morning, but by the afternoon the ginger and lemon tea that I had didn’t stay down! But everything was interesting to see and am glad that I made it to Oxford, that’s a tick in the to-do list box too. Definitely nice to get away from uni for a bit. Starting to feel the town closing in on me, so good to be able to ‘surface’ for a day at least.

Monday, couldn’t face breakfast. Went to the Medical centre for a thyroid blood test. Went on my bicycle and really could only go in second or first gear for most of the way, quite a bit of uphill (that I wouldn’t normally notice) and lots of wind, making my jacket feel like a drag chute. Very late, but they squeezed me in. The nurse was all too pleased to be able to throw in a whole barrage of tests as I had effectively fasted for quite a while. Nearly fainted in the med centre, a bit embarrasing, but managed to get home for another sleep til my dr’s appointment. Speedy quick as usual, no change, just wait another few weeks to see, and I guess wait for the thyroid things to come back.

Today managed to drag myself in to uni, though not very useful at all. Still feel crap, though haven’t thrown up at all since the once on Sunday. I guess I just feel scared I might now.