I was going to try out asking those questions to tutors that I wrote out a couple of days ago, yesterday, but they didn’t come out right and I felt like I was getting fobbed off. I’m afraid now that if I try asking again they’ll just get pissed off that I’m wasting their time, and won’t bother to help again. Already I feel like that is happening, and I’m sure I am boring them, as I’m boring myself too.

But as it is I feel I’m just wasting time trying to put in enough hours to hope that I come up with something good. And I know that isn’t very useful either, as obviously they mark according to quality, not time spent, except I don’t really know what that quality is.

What I would like to know is: how do you ask a tutor a good question for for a advice on how to go about knowing what is required for different pieces of work?

I have tried, but either I seem to ask too broad a question (eg what do they look for in a good piece of work?) and am told either they can’t answer that or to just stop worrying (except that I do!). Or else my question is too specific with just a yes/no answer that doesn’t get me much further.

The comments I’ve got back on recent pieces of work have been fairly useful for pointing out what I could have included, but our projects now keep building on each other, so I’m not having to do a similar project again where those critques could be applied. Does this sound like I’m just rambling on and being whiney? Sorry if it does. How can I not sound like that and get some proper advice?

Basically, right now I would rather know I was spending my time on the parts that were going to matter, and how much detail they’re expecting for the different parts of the projects, rather than just crossing my fingers and working ridiculously long hours on it.

Definitely feels to me like I’m pulling teeth trying to find out what we’re expected to do on my current projects…