67 things that make me smile

  1. Slipping through a closing door without touching it or the frame
  2. Unpeeling a grotty-looking banana and finding it perfectly ripe inside
  3. Discovering that if I stand (and wear glasses) rather than crouch on the weighing scales, I’m about 3lbs lighter
  4. Unpeeling an orange so that the skin looks like a daisy
  5. Realising that within the first five amazing things, I’ve mentioned unpeeling fruit twice (now three times!)
  6. Tapping out a tune and finding more and more different things to hit to build up my ‘orchestra’
  7. This
  8. Eating a mango with no stringy bits (I must really like fruit!)
  9. Drawing random swirly doodles
  10. Proper rain, with great big raindrops
  11. Reading my Dad’s made up nicknames for people in our home address book
  12. Reading spam comments on this blog 😉
  13. Really noticing and listening to the whistling frogs at night  
  14. My cat ‘kneading bread’ when she’s really happy
  15. Remembering (only) the best times of school with my closest friends
  16. Summertime, leaping off boats and cliffs

  17. Listening to the Portuguese cultural/music radio programmes (I love their music!)
  18. At night, looking forward to breakfast
  19. Finding out the day I think it is, isn’t til tomorrow = a whole extra day in my life gained!
  20. Geo-caching
  21. Explaining geo-caching to others
  22. Being ID’d (makes me feel like I must still be young!)
  23. Grapevine warm ups
  24. Nosebody
  25. Jägerbombs
  26. Journey of a Red Fridge 
  27. Looking at the stars and watching for satellites
  28. Fawlty Towers, especially the Waldorf Salad and Basil the Rat episodes
  29. BBC World Service radio
  30. Putting tourist sunglasses on and going sightseeing!
  31. Remembering the New Forest Show Heavy Horse Dressage display (and double smile to find they’re still using the same theme tune compilation as they did from my earliest memories when I was 4 or 5 years old!)
  32. Daisy chains
  33. Bongo-style Pringles Can lid percussion (links in to #6 too)
  34. Lizards
  35. Thinking up The Wrong Answers to potential interview questions (also liable to make me cry)
  36. Seeing my flower bed roundabout designs in bloom
  37. Rum punches
  38. Early morning light
  39. Watching dogs play
  40. Conversations with cashiers
  41. Collecting leaves
  42. Weird fruits and vegetables, like this one
  43. Making connections between people and realising what a small world we live in
  44. Jaffa cakes
  45. Dark chocolate digestives
  46. Sticking yoghurt pots in  the freezer then pretending I’m eating ice cream for breakfast
  47. Taking shoes off at the end of the day
  48. Spending the whole day barefoot
  49. Guessing where people are from by their accent (and hearing the random combinations of places people think I must be from!)
  50. Rainbows
  51. Eating brown sugar with a spoon
  52. Dogs
  53. Pisco Sours
  54. Chinglish (photo from my friend living in China)

  55. Supporting the underdog
  56. Toffees
  57. Tea
  58. Knitting
  59. Sharing sloe gin
  60. Slotting in a the right piece of jigsaw that I thought would never fit
  61. Spider plants
  62. Tripping in the exact same spot someone else just slipped on
  63. Rain on the windows at night
  64. Winter’s first snowflakes (before the novelty wears off!)
  65. Birds responding when I chirp to them
  66. Overhearing classical music blaring out of earphones

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Bec
    Aug 28, 2011 @ 08:13:57

    I’ve just found your blog (via your twitter) and am loving looking around! I love number 7 on here, it could keep me entertained for a very long time!


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